9 Right Channels to Market Your App

Today, there are thousands of mobile apps in various app stores, all waiting to get new users. Mobile app development has been around for decades, and still, some users cannot find time to look for new apps with better functionalities. If your mobile application is part of a saturated app store, the chances of a user going there and browsing for it are low.

So, what should you do to help more people find your mobile application, download and install it to boost your revenue? It is simple – you have to market your app the right way and on the right platforms.

Focus more on a paid mobile app marketing strategy to acquire more users and avoid the plethora of free marketing platforms.

How to find the Right Channels for Mobile App Marketing

When you have your mobile app ready and running, you should look for ways to drive more users and earn revenue. It means you should market the app on the right channels. Here is what you need to choose the best channel for your app marketing strategy.

Set a strategy and goal

First, set a goal and a strategy for marketing the app. It is not easy to choose the right channel if you don’t know where you are heading with your app.

Therefore, you should start by setting a goal and strategy that can help you get more users without spending a lot of time and money. Choose a strategy that will help you reach potential users and increase your revenue.

Know your audience first

The second important factor is researching your target audience. Marketers often try targeting everyone at once, which makes their app marketing strategy too messy. Such strategies have no personalization whatsoever.

So, establish where most of your target users are likely to spend their time online and focus your marketing efforts on these platforms. For instance, if you target millennials who spend a significant part of their time on social media, you can opt to market your app on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Also, you have to think of a specific audience you want to define, influence, and convert into your loyal users. Besides, if you know exactly who you want to target, customer retention will be more effortless.

Thus, start by analyzing the metrics and researching your audience demographics on different social platforms. Facebook offers you some useful details on the age and gender of different users. You can use this data to choose a strategy that will work best for your app.

Go for push awareness channels

When you launch a new mobile app, the best place to market it and register some new users is through push-and-pull channels on social platforms. A push channel is any platform that will ensure your product or app is noticeable to your target audience.

If there are other apps in the industry competing with your own, you should rely on inbound marketing and conversion channels to market your app to people. App Search Ads is a perfect example of a pull channel where you can start marketing your app.

9 Unique Marketing Channels for Mobile Apps

It is common for app developers and owners to spend a lot of money on marketing their apps. The more users download your app, the more revenue you get once you decide to monetize it. Here are some channels you can market your app and get more users coming your way.

1. Incentivized Mobile Installs

Incentivized mobile installs are among the best ways to grow your mobile app downloads and make it appear at the top of rankings. With this method, you can increase install rates in no time while also spending less.

Incentivized mobile installs help you generate huge traffic to your app in the shortest time possible. Such app installs are usually value-driven, meaning that a customer downloads an app after receiving an offer they’ll get in return for the install.

So, people will be more likely to download your mobile application if you offer them something as a thank you. Incentivized CPI can also help you increase your app installs if you face stiff competition from other players.

If you put an offer on your mobile app when you market it on social platforms or through a landing page, you might see an increase in the number of downloads in just a few weeks.

2. Search Marketing

Search marketing is another effective way of reaching potential customers with good lifetime value and making your app popular with millions of people. Many developers prefer search marketing because it saves time and money. All you have to do is optimize your website for SEO to make it appear at the top of Google.

You can use Google Ads to customize your content with the most searched keywords for a target audience and personalize your ads depending on the app ID. Google Ads also makes it easy to track the number of installs you get daily. You can tell if your strategy is working or not using this tool.

If you are using Google Ads for the first time, it is vital to go through the tool and pick a strategy that works best for your mobile app. Not every advertising option in Google Ads will work for your app because users respond differently depending on the marketing campaign you choose.

In case you are new to SEO, you can outsource it to an IT team who will optimize your app for the search. You can do the same with Google Ads and other app marketing aspects.

3. Television Adverts

Although this may look like an obvious and conventional way of marketing, TV ads deliver results when done the right way. Television marketing is an effective way of reaching millions of target users who spend time on the screen.

This style of marketing is a bit expensive, and not every brand can afford it. However, if you’re planning an app launch, a TV campaign can increase awareness and get your first potential users.

A survey has revealed that at least 77% of smartphone users use their phones as a second screen when watching TV. That means if people see your advert on TV, they will be more likely to download and install it on the phone.

All you have to do when it comes to TV ads is to ensure they appear at the right time. Most people are likely to watch the news on TV, so you can have your app advert appear on the screen just before the news bulletin.

4. Co-Promotional Partnerships

Another way of marketing your mobile app is through co-promotional partnerships with other players in the field. If you have a new app, but your marketing budget is too low, you can partner with other companies to do some app promotion to reach a larger audience.

Collaborating with others to market your app helps you cut costs. If you choose to co-promote your app, you’ll have to find a partnership that suits your app’s purpose. Before you head to this channel, you should also ensure that the benefits outweigh the costs.

5. Mobile Site Redirects

Although they are a bit annoying to most internet users, mobile site redirects have shown to increase downloads for a new app. For example, one case study has shown that JibJab, an online e-cards generator, managed to increase the number of app downloads through mobile deep linking.

Most of your customers might be unaware that you have a mobile app for your store. So, when they browse your website, you can redirect them to where they can install your application so that they could access your store more conveniently.

If you want to get more people to download your app, you can place a banner or advert at the top of your website informing your visitors that you have a mobile app they can download and install from app stores and access your services through their phones.

6. App of the day feature

Another easy way to make your app more popular is to have it featured on established sites as an app of the day. You can get your app featured on Google Play or App Store, but in this case, you’ll also need to do some app optimization first.

When your app is featured on authority sites as credible, you can easily increase your users because most people visiting such websites already trust their judgment. Besides, most authority sites attract users from different parts of the world, and having your app featured there exposes you to a larger audience.

7. Apple Search Ads

You can also use Apple Search Ads (ASA) to make your app visible to many people accessing the App Store. A recent survey has established that at least 47% of iOS users search for apps in app stores.

Additionally, at least 53% of Android phone users get their apps from Google Play Store. Therefore, if you optimize your search and make your app appear at the top, you are more likely to get more users faster.

In general, app store optimization can help people find your app and download it easier. However, it takes time to get to the top of the app store search. You’ll have to optimize for the platform’s basic assets, such as the app title, subtitle, and screenshots.

Next, it’s important to ensure all these elements are accurate and of high quality because most users will rely on them to decide whether they need your application or not.

You can also pay to be at the top of the search results on the App Store, which will help increase the number of downloads.

8. Paid Social Media Marketing

The best place to market your mobile app is on one of the most popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. If you are already using social media platforms to market your app, you can increase user acquisition by opting for a paid advert on social media.

Some of the biggest platforms you can market your mobile application are Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Facebook has over 2.8 billion monthly active users worldwide, which means that advertising your app on this platform exposes you to a larger audience.

If your app is for generation Z and Millenials, you can use social media platforms like Instagram to market your app.

Instagram works collaboratively with Facebook’s demographics to collect useful data to personalize ads for a target audience. Therefore, you should have your app advert on Instagram and Facebook to improve your results.

Alternatively, Snapchat gives you another option to market your advert using video content. If you’ve had your app ads running on other social platforms, you can create video content and proceed to market on Snapchat. This platform should complement your marketing efforts from other sites.

9. App Reviewers

If you want to drive more attention to your mobile app, you can take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing and reach out to influencers who review apps. You can offer their subscribers a freemium version of your app as an exclusive offer.

When professionals review your app, they drive referral traffic to it and get you more potential customers. You can even launch a content marketing campaign with an influencer to channel more awareness to your app.

Most reviewers have a huge following, and once they have your mobile app on their list, you are more likely to get more users. But since the audience following the reviewers is quite vast, it can cost you a lot of money to have your app reviewed by the top reviewers.

But if you decide to give this strategy a try, focus on reviewers with top YouTube channels and those with authority websites for app review.

Final Thoughts

When you are out to market your app, you have to choose a strategy that works best for your target audience.

Make your app appear at the top of app stores if you want to beat the tough competition and increase your users. Invest your time and money on paid Google Ads and market on social networking sites to boost your app downloads.

These are some of the best channels you can use today to promote your mobile app and increase your user base. You are likely to spend some bucks when using these channels, but the results will surprise you.